Ultimate Nutrition

What to expect


Andrea the nutritionist will spend time to know your world before she creates a program that is appropriately tailored for you and your lifestyle. A typical consultation will involve close observation of the person’s appearance, paying particular attention to the physiognomy (facial & body analysis), tongue and pulse diagnosis.

You are asked questions about your genetic history, social environment, how you feel and what you would like to accomplish. There are recommended supplements and exercise programs. This information forms the perspective that just examining the problem or complaint cannot do and thus determining your individual needs.

At Ultimate Nutrition & Health, we work with people of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles and objectives. Lifestyle adjustments do not happen overnight. They evolve as we go through the experience of applying them. Andrea has always and continues to encourage her clients to be creative and have fun with their recommendations. She believes that “if an individual is educated with information that makes sense to them, the person will follow it and ultimately attain their goals”.

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