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Welcome to the wonderful world of whole foods eating. A healthy body is a lean and fit body that is fed appropriately, not deprivated on a “quick fix diet program.” Our intention is to create a simple method of eating that will easily fit your lifestyle.
A program to help you attain your goals to lose body fat and maintain lean muscle mass as well as optimizing your wellness and performance.

This eating plan evolved from many years of clinical practice, diversified studies, and on-going research.

All recommendations in the eating plan are based on whole organic foods that contain all of natures intended nutrients in their natural form with an emphasis on complex carbohydrates, which greatly supports the body’s energy production. Complex carbohydrates are slow burning multiple (complex) sugars that assist your body’s ability to maintain balanced blood sugar. Balanced blood sugar is one of the key components which enables your body to burn fat and build muscle, thus converting carbohydrates into energy. The more lean muscle you have the more fat you burn all the time. In contrast, simple (non-complex) sugars, such as white refined sugar and white processed flours, promote the blood sugar levels to escalate, followed by
a dramatic drop which in turn puts the body into a starvation mode, causing it to retain body fat by slowing down the
metabolism. A large portion of the Standard American Diet (SAD) includes these refined foods which are a contributing factor in causing weight problems, fatigue and a broad array of other health issues.

Eating every three hours is critical, as it helps keep blood sugar balanced and fuels the fat burning process. It is also essential to drink 4 oz. spring or mountain water every 30 minutes in between, before and after eating.

Also make sure to thoroughly chew your food. The most important part of this program is that you enjoy the foods, and the foods easily integrate into your lifestyle. Remember consistency and persistency brings desired results.

• Whenever possible, select: organic foods, wild fish, and hormone-free poultry/meats
*Most foods are available in health food stores, and many are now becoming available in your local supermarket.
• Many foods are already prepared in the deli section of your health food supermarket.
• Vegetarians can substitute meat protein with tempeh, tofu or beans
• Fish can be substituted, based on availability
• Use stevia (an herbal sweetener) as an alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.
• Eat your evening snack at least 3 hours before going to bed or if this is not possible drink your herbal tea only.
• Flax treats are available through Ultimate Nutrition & Health
• Please substitute Gluten Free products when needed.



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