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Nutritional Counseling


Our belief system at Ultimate Nutrition & Health and style of nutritional counseling is cumulative and eclectic, utilizing several years of study and practice in a variety of philosophies and nutritional principles. We combine our broad knowledge of modern western medicine with ancient chinese wisdom, and functional medicine, to gain the benefits of both worlds. We believe that food is our medicine as well as our sustenance and pleasure. We feel that food can aid the healing process and help us to adjust many physical elements of the body. It is our responsibility to know the values and consequences of what we put into our own bodies. Understanding and respecting our bodies will guide us to make appropriate choices.

Amongst the many synergistic modalities Andrea recommends and uses to assist you in accomplishing your
goals and maximize your potential:
• Nutritional protocols
• High quality nutritional supplementation
• Hormone Balance
• Functional Endocrinology
• Lifestyle Programs
• Anti-aging
• Specialized Testing
• Athletic Performance
• Weight Management

In addition we support your journey to ultimate health and wellness with:

• Lectures
• Cooking Classes
• Shopping Assistance & Tours
• Kitchen & Supply Transformation
• Meditation Classes
• Yoga Instruction
• Personal Trainers
• Pilates Instruction


Ultimate Nutrition & Health Eating Plan available for purchase.

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