Ultimate Nutrition

Andrea Larsen
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Is a licensed nutritional consultant. She is a successful innovator, educator, and lecturer in
the fields of holistic health and natural healing for over 35 years. Andrea is an integrative practitioner utilizing a complementary approach. Her goal is to promote your health and
happiness by providing individualized programs to support your total wellness.

Andrea’s desire to share her wealth of knowledge, information and experience has created
a unique style of counseling which compliments her strong background in traditional
chinese medicine. Her more recent studies and passion have been focused on hormone
therapies and functional medicine.

Her clients experience a very extensive consultation taking into consideration their
genetics, background and lifestyles. From this information as well as specialized testing,
a program is tailored for the individual to be comfortably integrated with their life and personal needs.

Andrea believes that if an individual is empowered with information and education that
makes sense to them, and is a feasible program, they will follow it and ultimately attain
their goals.


Andrea is available for consultations every weekday.
Phone and series consultations are available